My boyfriend has been abroad for the past four years and I have never slept with another man, he hasn’t been home once during those four years and we speak once a week or sometimes twice in a month.

For a while now I have not been able to quell the  urge I feel, my adult toys aren’t working anymore, I need to be held, cuddled, kissed, I need to feel a some sort of emotions, but for four whole years I have not been able to.

I know my boyfriend isn’t faithful over there, sometimes when I call he’d speak to me in hushed tone and say he’s going to call me back and for the next one week I won’t hear from him but I know he loves me.

Since this beginning of this year I can’t hold the urge anymore, should I just cheat on him once? Will he know I did it? Maybe I should travel to another state and do it, this world is a small world I don’t want to do it with someone he might know in the future, what should I do?


P.S I am 28

This is something you should talk with your man, who knows he might give you a pass. The possibility of him being faithful is 50/50 it’s either he is or isn’t and that you and I can’t know for sure.

Four years is a long time to wait for someone don’t you think? And you don’t know when or if he will be back, you need to look out for yourself not all these stories end in fairytales.

I wouldn’t advise you to cheat on someone who you still feel you’re in a relationship with, its better you take a walk than cheat.

Talk to him about these urges, ask him if there’s any hope he’s coming back soon and if not if he would like you to come over for a vacation, you would get your answers from these questions and know what decision you got to make.