Is it compulsory we have Intercourse every morning? I like it in the night he knows that but whenever he wants to leave for work, he wakes me up by 4am and wants intercourse and if I say no he goes ahead and start touching me until I respond.

We aren’t married yet but we live together, we will be married soon but I am wondering if I can cope with his morning sexual appetite, it’s voracious and that’s when he wants to pound  me like a beast.

He says he helps him stay focused throughout the day, that intercourse is his exercise every morning and if he doesn’t get it his mornings aren’t complete, I asked him what if I wasn’t around to satisfy him he said “Where will you be?” now I have a feeling if I travel and I’m not there to give him his morning food he might cheat on me.

It’s not like I don’t like the intercourse, but every morning is just too much, why can’t he just be satisfied at night when I like it.



Let me understand something, when you want it at night he gives you, but when he wants it in the morning you complain, loll your man should be given a medal I mean it, he can get it up anytime and that’s not easy.

Intercourse is meant to be enjoyed and so far I don’t hear the complaint here, he doesn’t force you, but when he pushes your right buttons you respond and enjoy it and that’s good, the only problem I see here is the time of the day.

Most people enjoy early morning intercourse, they say it is the sweetest time of the day to have it, and yes it is a great form of exercise, don’t deny him this and no he wouldn’t cheat on you when you aren’t there, if he will he wouldn’t take time to romance you when you say no.

Honey I see no problem here, sometimes wake up before him and initiate it, make his day better and great, you don’t know the pressures our men face out there and if there’s one thing that can make it better why not just give it to him.