Please make this anonymous, I don’t know how to bring the matter to my friend, but the smell that emanates from his girlfriend can kill someone and I wonder what’s wrong with his nose, doesn’t he perceive it, and they kiss and smooch all the time.

Sometimes when she hugs me I have to hold my breath for long, I am thinking she intentionally lingers so I can perceive it, something is wrong somewhere Miss Bella, it’s one thing both of seem oblivious of it, but our other friends seem not to notice it also or rather they pretend.

Please how do I bring the matter to my friend, or should I stop going to their house?

This is one of the times I’d tell someone to mind their business, you friend doesn’t perceive it, the girl doesn’t either and your other friends seem not aware of this odor, have you stopped to ask yourself if something is wrong with your nose?

The way you have described this odor makes it unbearable for someone to even be close with her and yet no one seems to notice it but you, the only thing wrong here might be you perceiving your own odor and others are being nice enough not to tell you.

Please do ask someone else’s opinion on this matter so you don’t loose a friend, and if indeed the girl does smell, it’s the place of the boyfriend to tell her not you.