It’s a painful experience for me, the doctors say nothing is wrong with me but for the third time I have had three stillborn babies.

My husband says we should stop trying, but my mother in-law will hear nothing of it, she says a real woman will keep trying and gives birth to babies who will stay alive.

I feel so much pain in my heart, I know my husband does too, but he wants my safety first, recently he suggested we adopt a new born baby, so I won’t feel the loss of mine, but I am not so sure I want to adopt, I have heard stories where mothers come back for their kids, or babies were stolen and sold, I don’t want to love a child and years later the real parents will show up.

I want to keep trying, maybe after a few years from now, I want to have my own biological child, I want to feel a child suckling from my breast, I want things every mother wants but maybe the time isn’t right yet, what do I do, I am in no right frame of mind to make any decision.




I am so sorry about your babies, God in his infinite mercies will not let yours or that of your husband’s effort be in vain Amen.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with adopting a baby, a child is a child, it doesn’t matter where he or she comes from, it doesn’t matter who the biological parents are, they are the same as every other children.

I am very sure you will make a great mum, I can feel the love emanating from your words, go ahead and bless that child with your love, some unwanted kids become the pathway to blessings and greatness.

Please pay no heed to your mother in law, you can try again when the doctor says it’s okay for you to try, do not be pressurized into trying too soon, your husband’s love should be your concern and you have got It in abundance, do not dwell on the past, there are good and legit adoption agencies in Nigeria, make your research and visit one of them, I hope you find happiness again soon.