Please I don’t want to be judged as being desperate but if after all this while If don’t marry this guy I might as well kill myself.

I have waited, prayed and fasted, gone through all the bullshit of him leaving me for other women and then coming back to me because he’d be sure I’d always accept him back.


Photo Credit: iamreneespeaks

We have come a long way, no other person knows him like I do and vice versa, but I’m not getting any younger and he hasn’t said anything about marriage so far, maybe I should lie I am pregnant see if that would motivate him or what do you think?


So he cheats on you and comes back and you accept him wholeheartedly? Wow, you need to give yourself a medal made of platinum, and I am guessing this isn’t a onetime deed.

I am no psychic to know if he will marry you or not but the way this is going I’d go with my guts and say you’re far from his “Wife Material” List.

He doesn’t love nor respects you and lying about being pregnant won’t change anything. Not marrying him doesn’t mean the end of the world, this path you have set yourself on will only lead to more heartache on your part.

If he hasn’t mentioned it after all the years you have been together, he wouldn’t anytime soon and it seems you’ve caught the marriage fever, MOVE ON! Before one of you do something hurtful to the other.

That’s the only advice I have got for you, if you continue this path, you might just end up hurting yourself.