I knew she was local when I asked her out, I have tried my best to brush her up to my standard but Bella this girl no wan learn abegi.

English she no sabi, oya don’t speak it outside she won’t listen; you know you suck at expressing yourself in English language why do you even try?

My friend’s know about her inability to communicate very well in English so they try speaking Igbo language with her, but she will use her hand and divert to English and their girlfriends will be snickering and shame will just cover my face.

Photo Credit: -learn-english-forum. 

I don’t even want to talk about her dress sense or her loud use of colors on her face, I promised I wasn’t going to leave her because of this, she told me from the beginning learning was difficult for her that’s why she opted out for handiwork, she’s a good caterer, and a wonderful woman, but I am just tired of her trying to impress people that don’t even send her, what do I do?




Everything takes time, you need to be patient with her; she’s just trying to impress you. You’re highly educated than she is, she probably never dreamt a guy like you would fall in love with a girl like her, give her a little more time and show her with your actions she doesn’t have to please you.

As for her dress sense, why not take her shopping and show her the type of things you’d love her to wear, it’s not really difficult, when someone loves you, they try to do things to please you, all you need is patience and she would come around.

Don’t be angry with her, try and teach her little by little, no one is above learning, when you have time, teach her the little basics of English language, and how to communicate in the presence of people, believe me she will learn when you teach her with love.