Hi Bella, nice blog, I just want to ask you something and seek your advice.

So this guy and I have been talking for a while, we haven’t met but we have strong feelings for each other, we started chatting from badoo, to whatsApp, BBM and Facebook and now he wants to meet.

I trust him so I know he won’t try anything funny but the problem is he stays very far from me, he stays in another state and he has promised to send me transport fare to come see him, do you think it’s wise I go visit him first?


My advice for you on this will just be a short one since there have been various real life lessons on online/long distant relationships.

You should ask yourself these questions if you have resolved to see him.

1. Where will you pass the night? A hotel or his place

2. How long will the visit last?

3. Will you allow any form of physical intimacy between you both should such moment arise?

4. Are you prepared for any uncertainties that may arise on the course of your visit?

5. Do You Have Vex Money?

Once you have pondered on this questions, they can go a long way in helping you deduce if you really want to take a bold step in visiting him or not.

Second, why doesn’t he be the one to come visit you instead? Put it to him and see his reactions, if he says he can’t visit then I don’t think it will be wise for you to do so. Yourself worth and safety is of utmost importance in this kind of relationship and you really have to make the best decision on that. Yes, there are successful relationships that resulted from online hookups as well as unsuccessful ones; it’s now up to you to choose what’s best for you.

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