I have a very stingy boyfriend and his excuse is always he’s testing me to know if I’m not after his money, of course I am after the money why else will I be there?

I know if I am patient enough one day he will crack and the money will start pouring in like water because he has a lot of it, maybe I have bad luck, he used to give women money, but when it got to my turn he stopped with the silly excuse that he’s been hurt a lot, why is it my turn that he stopped?

Are there ways I can make him release the money? Sex isn’t working and pretending to be nice also isn’t working, Bella help a sister out.

Thank You for trying to open up with regards to your issues in your relationship.  From what I gathered, it seems your boyfriend sees you as someone he wishes to spend a lifetime with, hence his decision in wanting to ‎be frugal in his spending towards you to ascertain if you are the right woman for him.

But there are few things you pointed out. You mentioned the only reason you are in a relationship is because of money and I feel he has noticed that. Do you really ‎want to depend on men for your financial gratification?

Also, at this juncture, you believe that sex and pretense will be a tool in getting financial favors, but in reality, it’s not always the case. You need to re-align your mentality that men are moved by sex and focus on trying to engage in things that will improve your self-worth.

That way, you will gain his respect and he will begin to assist you in ways you can ever imagine.

I Believe this is the best way i can help you out dear, go get yourself a job or handiwork.