This might sound weird, I have a cotton wool stuck in my femalrecore and I have tried to remove it for days now and I can’t, I was on my period and my boyfriend wanted to have intercourse with me, I was hot and couldn’t turn him down either.

I went to the bathroom, removed my pad, washed myself and inserted the cotton wool in there to stop the bleeding.

After we were done, I tried to remove it but I couldn’t, I washed myself and left it in there, was hoping it would come down itself by morning, but Bella it’s been days and I am scared, I feel so ashamed to visit a doctor and I don’t want to tell my boyfriend about it, I have dipped my finger inside, used mirror to look for it but I can’t find it, do you think it’s in my tommy?

Please help me out thanks.



Did you just write you’re ashamed to visit a doctor when your life is at risk? You need to hurry to the closest hospital and tell them about this, you’re in a dangerous situation and sticking your fingers in there will only push it in further.

I am no doctor, but in situations like these you need to squat naked for a while and cough, see if it would come out, did you try this? If yes and it still didn’t come then the hospital is your best shot.

Don’t put fingers in there anymore and don’t use any sharp objects to try to remove it as you might hurt yourself, the more it stays in there, the more risky it gets.