Good day miss. I do enjoy your blog, so I decided to write about what’s going on in my relationship.

I graduated highschool this year, a fresher at Babcock, but while in high school I had this long termed boyfriend. We told each other we were gonna handle the long distance relationship because he is at
another college.
The first week, he kept me updated, got me involved. Going into into the third week now, he doesn’t call, nor text, but he claims school is so busy, we go on days with talking and he is always online
on WhatsApp. I don’t know what to do, I’m fed up, I don’t wanna break up, I really love him.
Sweetheart you got nothing to be worried about, he needs time to adjust to his new school schedule and you do too.
He’s always on WhatsApp doesn’t mean he might be online, give him some space to adjust into his educational program.
Your email stated you’re a fresher, so I am sure you know how rigorous it is for first timers, do you honestly have so much time on your hands? You know how school is so I’d implore on his behalf to give him benefit of the doubt that he’s really busy.
Try and be scarce yourself, put much of that time you spend stalking when he’s online into your studies, with time you would notice missing him won’t be an option anymore, you miss him this much because you just recently parted ways and its new for the both of you, face that education and allow him concentrate on his, with time both of you will adjust properly and communication won’t be a problem.