Bella that girl is a witch, I don’t want to drop too much details as she might be reading your blog, she’s a monitoring spirit. 

Sometimes she beats me for things I haven’t done yet, saying she saw in a vision I was going to do it, imagine the twat, please don’t tell me not to insult her cause I can’t even insult her in my mind as she can read mind too, let me insult her here.
Bella that girl is very strong, I don’t even k now what I saw in her and now I can’t leave, if I threaten breakup she would come to my office and make a scene, thank god I am the boss.
She spends my money anyhow, she got passwords to everything I own, Bella please help me, no one seems to know what I am going through as we always put a happy face when we’re with friends and my family isn’t aware I have been held hostage by my own girlfriend, this is an anonymous email I just created, reply me with this one please she doesn’t have the password thanks.
Any form of abuse is bad, be it from the male sex or female sex, in Africa people believe men don’t go through abuse of any kind but your case is an example of many out there, and they don’t come out to speak because people see them as being weak.
You’re not weak dear, you just know that retaliating when she hits you might escalate things and I really commend your patience with her but honey you need to flee, you’re in a very toxic relationship.
From your email I can tell you both live together, you need to get yourself an apartment, far from her; when she comes to the office to make a scene tell your security to escort her out of the premises gently, when she tries to hit you, don’t let her, be the man but don’t get violent with her.
If you aren’t a slave to your emotions you would see this isn’t love but slavery, no one who loves another would raise their hands on them, embarrass them, threaten or blackmail them, you need to give her sometime and let her realize how much of an emotional Bully she is.
People express love in different ways and this might be hers, but being an abuser is just a sick way of expressing it, give her some time and see if she would change.