Hello Bella

I hope this email doesn’t disgust you, but I need to talk to someone about it, it happened that one day I didn’t know I was on my period, my boyfriend and I had intercourse, I enjoyed it much more than usual it was when he removed his penis that we realized the sheet was stained and his manhood covered in blood.

He was angry at first but when I told him I wasn’t aware he forgive me , now I know my period is almost close and I want to try it again without his knowledge, I can’t get the feeling of the last time out of my mind, I have been waiting for this day.

I read one of the post about a girl that used cotton wool, maybe that will work, but it will stop the blood from flowing and making that place slippery, please advise me thank you.



It is not a new thing that some women get hornier during their periods; some women enjoy having intercourse during this time so there’s nothing disgusting about your email.

There are so many myths surrounding having intercourse during your period here in Africa that I would implore you to discuss this with your partner before allowing him have intercourse with you during your period.

If you and your partner don’t use condoms, make sure you understand the risks of STIs, other infections, and pregnancy even during your period.

Having intercourse during one’s period isn’t as dirty and yucky as many people think, sometimes it can be healthy for women, helps reduce menstrual cramps and all, but this has to be an understanding you have with your  partner please do not do it without his knowledge as it is a taboo for some men. here in Africa.