Am no longer in love with my boyfriend and I don’t know how to tell him that to his face. He’s not doing things that give me courage. I see him as lazy and not working hard enough. Please help me



There are several ways you can break up with someone, but the attitude in which we carry out this act is what makes any breakup easy.

Why do you think he’s lazy? There’s a huge difference between someone being lazy and things not working out for them yet, does he sit at home all day and do nothing? No matter how you see someone, you can’ tell how hard enough they are working to better their lives.

He doesn’t give you enough courage, well sweetheart you already see him as being lazy, no matter how much he might try to encourage you, you’d never take him serious because you already see him as being beneath you.

Letting him go now might not be the best way, you might just loose a diamond in the rough because of your impatience, why not try to encourage him, build him, stand by him, give him courage and watch him become the man you want, this is no easy task but with a little more love and patience I believe things might work out.

Try it this way first, and see how it goes; remember see him as a human being first, then as a man second, then as your lover and accord him the respect he deserves.