Hi Bella I need some advice.

We didn’t really date for long before I found out he’s a cheat and a liar but I was already in love and decided to turn a blind eye until he started acting real funny, ignoring my calls, won’t send me messages for days, always snapped at me and so on.
I was really patient and all but when I saw where the whole thing was leading to I decided to take a walk and save myself some shame, after all I did see the signs and I decided to ignore it.
Recently we started talking again and he tells me how much he misses me and all, how he made a mistake and should never have let me go, that he was facing some issues then and needed the space, now he wants us to work things over, another chance to get to know him.
I am scared, he hurt me more than I let on here, I was devastated for weeks, would cry myself to sleep always till I was able to get over him and now he’s back and I can’t stop myself from not giving him a chance, do you think this would be like before?




Thanks for opening up. 
You see, Dating and being in a Love bound relationship are two different things and most times, people wrongly interchange them and feel they are the same, but truthfully, they are not and I can point out u skipped the part where you were supposed to get to know each other and went to fall in love blindly due to reasons best known to you. Love doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of effort and actions, not feelings, for it to be established correctly. 
Due to the course of you two dating, you observed that he was a cheat and a liar, that alone should have made you to understand he isn’t the right man for you. Someone who cheats is more likely than not to cheat a second time, and a third, and a fourth, irrespective of how sorry they are during their cry for another chance. 
I advise you ask yourself what you really want in a relationship.  From what I gathered in your post, it seems you like the attention from your partner and where that Is lacking, would really bring friction in your relationship so I suggest you find someone else who shares same passion and reasoning with you and pitch your tent there.
Please don’t allow feelings to cloud your sense of judgment rather, stay on top of your game and be in charge of your happiness. 
I believe other viewers would have some comments to pitch in which will go a long way in strengthening you to make the right decision.

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