I am in my late 20’s and still a virgin, any girl I toast will come up with one very pathetic story why she cannot date me, one even told me it’s cos I was too holy, I mean who doesn’t like God?

I know I am handsome, educated, I am not really financial buoyant but should that matter? Money isn’t everything abi?

I need you to teach me on how to talk with your fellow women, I don’t like this life, I read your article about what to do when you’re horny, it sounded like a good idea, but like your friend said “Pussy is the real thing” and I’d like to feel that even once in my life.

My religion doesn’t permit me to visit prostitutes I would have done it, I don’t want hookups either, I want to be able to talk to a girl and make her like me thanks.
Honey it’s all about confidence and this cannot be taught, you need to find out what boosts your morale and stick with it, I cannot teach you how to talk to “My Fellow Women” as we were all created differently; what works for Ada might not work for Jessica.

Now what do you really want “Sex or a Relationship” your email makes it sound like you want both, you need to be prepared from the disappointment which is attached to the “No Sex Relationship”.

Say you’re able to ask a girl out and she agrees but doesn’t want sex, do you go ahead to cheat on her? Or coerce her into having sex with you because you’re a virgin and want to experience the warmth and moist of a vagina? No honey you don’t so be ready for the disappointment that comes with this angle of thought.

Work on your confidence, before asking a girl out make sure you haven’t been friendzoned, fine out what you did wrong or what you didn’t do right while asking other women out and learn from there, these things take time and practice, don’t expect to be perfect in a day.