Hi Bella, your blog is really nice; it took a lot of courage for me to send this email.

So it happened that the person my friend is married to now was once my lover, we weren’t really serious but we had fun together a couple of times before I left for the states.

But before I left we started developing feelings for each other and promised to keep in touch, when I got to the states I decided to forget about him.

I got back a couple of months ago and wanted us to hookup, I didn’t even know he was married and not just married but to a friend, we have met, nothing’s happened yet, but I feel guilty each time I get to hangout with them, I feel my friend should know I used to sleep with her husband or what do you think?




No honey your friend doesn’t need to know anything, and the best thing to do for yourself and your friend with her husband is to distance yourself far from them as possible.

It’s obvious you still have feelings for this man, why do you want to torture yourself by hanging out with them? Seeing him all the time and reminiscing on the past? You’re just hurting yourself and one day spoil your friend’s marriage.

I am sure you have other friends, even unmarried ones, hang out with them, forget about this man and his wife who happens to be your friend, move on, and find someone else or something else to keep your mind busy.

Lingering on is just going to spoil things for you both, you once had something that wasn’t just a fling, being around him is going to arouse those feelings and he might cheat on his wife with you, and he definitely won’t leave her for you, so honey the same courage it took you to send me this email, apply it to your self-esteem and leave alright?

Good luck.