Let’s not be pretenders here and say we love broke men, truth is no one wants to date a broke man, money is one of the things that keep a relationship going and strong, it doesn’t matter who’s providing it be it the man or the woman, as long as there’s money there’s happiness.

So shouldn’t broke men date? or have women flock around them,  How’s it possible for someone who can’t fulfill the financial needs of women have one in his life? Let me give you a small gist using my brother as a case study, loll I hope he doesn’t read this, well he will, he can’t kill me.


My brother happens to be someone who’s isn’t financially buoyant now or really handsome but I can’t count the number of girls that flock around him, both the beautiful and the ugly and the “Somehow” type of girls, I was always skeptical like, how does he keep them and always make them happy, now it’s pertinent to know he wasn’t dating all of them, or most of them but they always flocked around him and one day I made it my mission to find out why.

These were the things I noticed during my SPY mission to find out why ladies loved this shy and gentle but still broke yet brother of mine.
You cannot be broke and have a strong name like, Chukwuma, or Obinna, Or Gbenga or Muyideen, these names don’t appease to women unless you’re sitting in an air conditioned car or something, I noticed my  brother changed his name to “Passion” mind you his real name is Ikechukwu, sharp guy.

You cannot be broke and be rude, my brother is one of the nicest people I know, maybe it’s a natural gift but that guy can nice for Africa and y’all know how ladies feel about nice guys, especially guys they feel they can use because he’s nice, well na so things de take enter pant., from doing free assignments to being a shoulder to cry on, mehn I wonder how these girls flock around him.


You can’t be broke and be stingy, these girls they know you’re broke already, they chose to be friends with you even with your brokeness and all of a sudden you’re eating 100 naira bread and you don’t want to share, dude, this is one way to chase girls far away from your life, always be nice and calm, women love to spend money on men they see as “Helpless but nice” and I have noticed my brother being this way, not just with girls this time but with everyone.

You don’t have to dress expensive, but you need to dress nice, don’t overdo it when trying to impress women, even if you have one shirt make sure it’s always clean and ironed, dress smart, dress clean but always dress nicely.

Learn to check up constantly on your female friends, this works all the time, we love attention, we bask in its presence and it doesn’t matter who’s giving it to us, as a broke guy there’re so many cheap call plans you can choose from, when you call a lady just to check up on her, ask about her wellbeing and everything, believe me you’re gradually penetrating her heart, winning her over and making her like you more than usual, believe me I learnt this from my brother, that guy is always making and receiving calls.


Who says broke men can’t find the women of their dreams, all they need do is change their approach and personae and see things change for the better, do these things and thanks me later.

Isabella Ibeji