I have been dating this girl for a while now, to me 1yr but to her she thinks we have been dating for two years apparently all the while we have been close friend she thought we were dating as a was still playing. I got serious with her early last year. Now my problem is this

I have realize that I cannot marry her cuz she is not the kind of woman I want to settle down with. I had to tell her the truth cuz i noticed that is what she is having in mind (that am going to finally settle with her) which is wrong. She felt bad and insisted she will still be with me.  I know she loves me very much which I don’t in return. I just like and respect her a lot, as a matter of fact she is one girl I value so much and a girl I never cheated on.

She has refused to let go, and I don’t know how to tell her off cuz I can’t stand to see her go through pains for my sake. Now she picks offence in most of my fb post about “searching for a wife”, “wondering what my future wife will be doing”.  Bella the thing tire me oo..

If you know I sent this you go yab me wella.  Cuz we always dig it on your fb page. Lol. Never mind. Reply abeg.
Bro, there are things in life one needs to acquire, wisdom and foresight, it really saves you from unforeseen circumstances and makes your life as peaceful as a calm river.

Now, let’s go back to your post, you made mention that you value this girl whom you have resolved never to get married to and do not have any iota of feelings for her because she isn’t the kind of woman whom you want to get married with. Why do u say that? If you value someone so much then you have to keep that person as a treasure.

I want to believe your reasons for that does not revolve around these reasons I’ve mentioned

Physical attributes such as beauty, shape, height

Her lack of financial stability,

Her family not being wealthy,

Her grammatical affluence

Her educational background

Her Family History

Her Intercourse preferences (that’s if you have already had played with her), and

Her place of worship.

If your reasons do revolve around them then you are making a huge mistake. This is a girl who has grown to love and respect you so much; you will be surprised that you may regret your actions by rejecting her when you have come across ‎several other ladies.

Now, I’m not saying you should love her out of pity; I’m only trying to set the records straight and inculcate sound judgment to you. As long as your reasons for letting her go isn’t selfish, then you should let her understand that some things are never meant to be, that not all relationships lead to marriage but are a stepping stone to appreciate the one meant for her and that friendships last forever.

But before you make that call, I need to remind you this;

A good wife is much precious than gold, far valuable than rubies. As long as she lives, she does him good, and never harm. Proverbs chapter 31 vs. 10-12

Just as I’ve advised, I also believe that one or two advice from the audience will help straighten your path. Thanks.


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