Hello Bella, This Is An Angry Mail

I have never met a single Nigerian man with an atom of truth in his existence; they lie virtually about everything, from owning things they don’t and claiming to be from rich homes.

I am a lady of class, I expect more from any man I will date but do they have to keep lying? One idiot borrowed my car for 2wks claiming his was spoilt, and the idiot doesn’t even have a tro tro.

I want your fellow Nigerians to read this and get off my back, they are the worst sort, Ghanaians are far better than they are, even Kenyans.

They claim what they are not, eat my money, lie they love me and at the end of the day I get used, eaten and dumped.

Please hide my email, I am sure one of them will read this thanks.




Honey, to date some Nigerian men is to know bliss, I have no idea what you’re talking about, I am sure Ghanaians have their bad eggs too but do we term all of them bad and liars? No we don’t.

You said this was a vent mail so you really don’t need my advice, but I’d give it to you anyway, stop flaunting whatever you have and you definitely need to stop releasing the cookie too soon.