Don’t you get tired when people ask you this question? But here I am asking you, why are you single? Most people don’t know being single sometimes is a choice, but what’s a choice without a purpose or a reason? If you don’t know why you’re single then you need to know why no one is asking you out.

Everyone these days is single, a guy comes up to you and says he’s single, you know this very pretty girl and she tells you she’s single and you open your mouth in awe because you don’t believe such a beaut could be single.

What is the reason behind that decision you’ve taken to be single



Sexual preference?



Lack of a dating type?




Waiting on someone to notice you?



Lack of interest?



Family Background?


Tell me your reason and purpose, being single is no fun without a purpose, it sometimes lead to depression, envy, suicidal thoughts and lonesome nights.

You begin to question yourself and your existence, most people who always scream team single {without a purpose} are dying inside, they need that companionship, someone to talk to, someone to listen to, someone to touch, someone to play with, they just need someone and most times because there’s a lack of someone they begin to give everyone a chance which becomes a cycle and leads to more heartbreak and then we hear the Forever Single Phrase all over again.

You need to know why you’re single, there’s enough people in the world to go around for everyone, heck people are getting married every Saturday, every day, and you’re there scream “SINGLE LADIES” “SINGLE MEN CREW” wake up, you need help ASAP screaming Team No Hoes won’t alleviate the loneliness you feel inside, screaming Team No Dykes won’t make you feel any better, you need a purpose for being single or without that you’re just someone who isn’t able to get a man or a woman.

While I was in the University, I didn’t date, not that I didn’t have a play companion, I just didn’t want anything serious because I wanted to finish school without distractions and I saw that as one, and when I finished school I said nah, I need a job before I’d date, no one wants to date a liability, when I finally got a job I was ready to date, I did for a while and realized I wanted more things in life than dating and I went for it.

This isn’t a write-up to make you feel bad, for everything there’s a season and a reason and without these you’re just floating on the plane of reality, not making an impact, not contributing, you’re just sliding in and out without realizing how opaque your life is.

This doesn’t apply to dating alone, why do you do the things you do? What’s the reason behind the purpose that’s motivating you? Don’t forget to drop your comment and encourage someone.


Isabella Ibeji