I walked down the path of a lonely road in darkness, lost, scared, alone and starving. I had just survived an emotional trauma and left the house lost in thoughts, didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing, I believe psychologists call this “temporary insanity”.
When I gained sanity and was aware of my surrounding, i had no sense of direction; I was in the middle of nothing and everything, lost in time and space. Should I turn left I asked myself? Right? Transfixed I didn’t know if I needed help or wanted help, I didn’t know if leaving was right, maybe I deserved what was happening to me, somehow somewhere I have wronged someone and this was my punishment.
Photo Credit: reddit
Lost in thought and scared, darkness swallowed everything around me; I was a speck in what seemed like the whole of a universe, not knowing what next to do, I called on God, I had blamed him for things in the past but I knew I had to call on him for he alone could unbind me out of this shackles I had bound myself in.
Just one call, it was a whispered prayer, but he listened, listened and answered, the darkness gave way for light, fear gave way for courage, loneliness gave way for companionship, I looked around, it wasn’t a wilderness anymore, but a garden filled with fruits, I ate, I drank from the stream, I laid my head to rest, I slept off, when I awoke, someone I didn’t know had come to look for me, he asked “Are you ready to go home”? I was ready, I am ready, I will forever be ready, this was the stranger whom he had sent, the one who showed the light, lifted the darkness, and became the companion.
This stranger took me home safely, made those doubts go away, restored my faith in humanity and gave me a reason to have a purpose.
This is the kindness of a stranger.
Isabella Ibeji