Hello Bella please make me anonymous, I love my boyfriend so much but he just keeps cheating, what do I do? I can’t tie him down so he won’t see other women, I know it isn’t his fault, he just can’t resist other women and they keep tempting him.

I am the church type, no makeup, I don’t wear clothes all these girls are wearing now, I don’t like going out, and we’re in a no sex type of relationship because I am born again but he isn’t, I want to marry and win him for Christ.


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I have preached and counseled because I know we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities in higher places, I know we will end up together, I have seen visions and pastors have also told me, but what I want from you is how to make him stop cheating I am becoming a laughing stock in our community.




First of all, there was never a relationship between you two, you only think there is a relationship because you love him and that to me is false. As a born again Christian, you are not even supposed to be in a relationship characterized by present day standards, you ought to focus your energy on winning souls for Christ and not deceiving yourself.

When two people love themselves, things are involved, they are emotionally attached, they also express their love for each other by certain actions that portray such love such as charity, physical presence, communication, and above all, intimacy.

Now first of all, you are a woman, you have to look presentable; you also have to have a good dress sense! If you want your man to quit chasing other presentable ladies and you don’t look presentable then I don’t see any bad why the community has made a jest of you. Second, you mentioned you don’t even go out, how then do you both communicate? Like seriously?

I’m not against your decision for not trying to dress indecently but when it comes to looking presentable, everyone owes themselves 100 percent attention to it. Also, If your definition of being born again is by believing you are self-righteous then you need to have a rethink about that.

Third, you should quit seeking visions and revelations from pastors about choice of life partner that is totally false as far as I’m concerned.

If you want a Godly kind of relationship, then please associate yourself with those who have the fear of the Lord.

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