I saw your YouTube video and remembered your big head loll; you were my senior in secondary school just a year ahead, you didn’t spend much time but the little you spent impacted my life in a nice way and seeing what you do now it’s no surprise because you were this way back then, always wanted to help out.

Now please keep my identity anonymous, I also have that communication problem with my man; but it’s only when I’m at work I get carried away and won’t reply messages in hours or return his calls.

Photo Credit: loveorcareeer

I am a banker so you can imagine, I rarely have time and I work in a busy branch and when I get home I am very tired I just have dinner and sleep right off. We don’t stay in the same state but these days I feel the strain on our relationship because of my job, how do I balance work on my relationship?




First things first I don’t have big head loll and I am glad I made a little impact in your life years back.

Career has been the death of many relationships, time, availability and communication; these things are necessary for a relationship to be successful and I always say no matter how busy anyone is there’s always a little time to send an SMS, place a quick call to someone they love and care about.

No one is ever really busy in the “Sense” and all your man needs is an affirmation that career won’t come first before him. I know how tedious your job can get and some banks don’t allow their staffs bring in their personal phones to work so they don’t get distracted but sweetheart immediately you leave the office, give him a call, send him an SMS let him know you’d be tired when you get home and in case you don’t call or cant receive his call you love him and always think about him, trust me this will make his day and lift up his spirit.

Communicating with our partner doesn’t have to be long and lengthy; we make it seem like a big deal it’s the little gestures that matter, even if it’s for a little while, that show of remembrance is all that matters, communication goes both ways and if he’s doing it all the time he definitely is going to get tired someday.

I know your job is important and you love it, but there’s someone who needs that love also and would do anything for it, don’t lose out on something beautiful because you don’t understand the basics of communication, a simple hello would lift a spirit, and a simple I miss you would make someone love you forever.