The reason I am sending this email is because I want to stop this habit, I want to live a normal life, I want to love a younger version of me, I don’t want to go into details how it started as it might give away my identity but I would love for you to tell me how to stop dating married men.


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Alright let me iterate you with the consequences of committing adultery, because ladies like you are the reason for broken marriages and when a virtuous woman cries to God and he hears her prayer, ladies like you get punishment such as these.

1. You will never be happy for the rest of your life. Oh yes, when all you do is keep  sleeping with married men, the curses from their depressed wives will cripple your future. There will be no tangible thing that you lay your hand upon that will succeed, because you have gone against the sacred union of marriage.

2. You may become Barren. Now, God is not mocked, Adultery has grave consequences, both in life and in afterlife, it’s not something that you do and get away with just like that, the more you indulge yourself in it, the more complicated your life will be.

How to stop dating married men.

You have to live within your means. Your selfish lifestyle of wanting material things cause you to go extra mile to sleep with married men in exchange for money. Because you are too lazy to work hard and pay your bills through responsible means, you find yourself getting an easy way out by attaching yourself with married men. Whatever monetary gains you’ve gotten through that means will do you no good as u will always want to keep on surviving through that means which will be fatal.

Remember that you will one day become a mother and a wife to a man, how will you feel if your husband does the same to you as well, and comes home to infect you with STDs? I bet you never thought of that. The earlier this sinks into your head, the better for you. Even if I type lengthy words advising you to stop dating married men and within, you haven’t resolved to end that, then I see no reason wasting my energy in inculcating sense into you.

Adultery is fatal all those who indulge in it will never ‎live to enjoy the fruits of their labor.
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