Bella, please help me, I am currently devastated and might just give up on this world.

It’s my fault, I cheated, I felt he was cheating with his co-worker and decided to hurt him, turned out they were just office friends and nothing more, he found out and didn’t want to hear anything and said it was over.

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He made me so jealous of their friendship I was convinced something was going on, they went everywhere together, did things he wouldn’t do with me together, spoke and chatted on the phone till late at night, I didn’t want to lose out so I started chatting with other men, was I wrong?

Can you use your blog to reach out to him? Let him know how sorry I am, I promise to never do anything of the sort again or get jealous, please Bella help.


It’s a pity your boyfriend broke up with you at this moment after two years, I share in your sorrows and sometimes, it’s really depressing. Please don’t try anything that you will regret later, relax and try to put your acts right. Let’s reason together.

In all my years trying to understand ladies, i”ve come to a reasonable conclusion that most of you tend to always jump into conclusion even when evidences aren’t there to justify your claims. Be aware that i’m not trying to judge your actions, since your boyfriend also created a possible ground for jealousy to thrive on.

Whatever the case may be, always know this, No two wrongs will never equate to justify truce. It’s good a thing you have accepted your mistakes and are really sorry for your actions, I believe one who isn’t hiding anything will understand that his work was really having a negative effect on his relationship and try his best to make out time to communicate and be with you physically.

Nevertheless, the blame game has to stop if you really want your relationship back. Why not try to accept your mistakes without hinting it to him he was the architect of your wrong choices. Remember that you were the one caught in the process, not him, so blaming him further will only worsen everything.

If he is an ardent reader of talk2bella blog, then I have these words for him and those experiencing likely issues in their relationships.  I strongly advise that you should understand‎ that women are naturally “territorial” when it comes to relationships, just as air is important for life to continue, so it is with communication in relationships. Yes you have tried to make your point by breaking up, but do you think it’s a mature decision? Try to see past human weaknesses and understand women are wired differently from men. Yes she didn’t trust you, please forgive her and accept her back and try to eliminate every incidence that will warant distrust to arise.

Like the bible says, sometimes, we learn with real life experiences so that in our next try, our self advice will be the most potent in making the right decisions to avoid a repeat of past ugly experiences.

Good luck.

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