Please make this anonymous, my girlfriend has this bad limp, her legs aren’t equal, she told me it was an accident when she was a kid.
There’s no doubt my love for her, but these days I am always ashamed to be close to her.

We went to the beach recently, we wanted to have fun with some friends, horse riding, ball, and be romantic like they do in the movies,  she just kept slowing everyone down, and my friends started laughing.

Photo Credit: The Creative 613

I am a very handsome guy, she is too, honestly I was drawn to her beauty and she has impressionable character but the limping is giving me doubts, I want to be able to show her off, my class of women are perfect and I am a ladies man, I do not exaggerate about how handsome I am, please do I break up with her or just let her know I am not comfortable with her limping.


Well if you feel what you want in a woman is based on looks only then you should break up with her so another man who values character and virtues will win such beautiful heart.

Are you dating her because you want to impress your friends? I feel you are a people pleaser, a show man. You derive pleasure in what people think and say about you, which really makes your day. Well i’m sorry to burst your bubbles, you are about to loose a good lady for your selfish needs.

Why didn’t u break up with her in the first place? I suggest the reason for that was her beauty and good character. Isn’t that enough? Life is full of uncertainties, that you are handsome in your youth doesn’t mean you will remain handsome forever. Please stick to the reason why you are still together with her and forget about what others say, let them laugh, let them ridicule, they will never get a good woman as good as she is. Take it anywhere you want to, I said that.

We can’t always have everything we want completely, we are not creators but creatures, as long as she makes you happy, that is the ultimate.

Please don’t be ashamed of the good woman you have in your life now, she may end up becoming that one person to bring blessing to your life, with or without your good looks or money.

Good luck.