Hi Bella, you said in your advert which I saw on Facebook that we could also vent on your page abi, well I got one for you.

So I have this co-worker, we are marketers for a pharm coy, I agree she’s beautiful  and she uses her beauty to attract customers which in turn generate revenues for us, she’s not stingy with customers sha, when she has plenty she directs them to me so I can make small money.

Photo Credit: The Guardian

I don’t care she’s beautiful, I don’t care she uses her beauty to get us customers, now she doesn’t even show up again, she won’t show up for days and when she comes back she’s made a lot of money, why’s she so selfish? I haven’t sold anything in days, it’s like she’s with my luck, if she doesn’t come I won’t sell market.

My customers barely come back and they keep asking after her, we have targets to meet and on the days she doesn’t show I look like a dog who’s been beat by the rain, should I just quit?
All I see from your vent is just a lazy and jealous person, her beauty isn’t the only thing attracting customers to her, her character is also a great attribute.

All I can understand from this vent is you want to keep using her to meet up sales target and when she has other business to attend to, she should put that on hold because of you, common baby girl you’re better than this.

Next time when you’re around her, watch how she treats customers, follow her steps, be humble, tell her to teach you, be friendlier and open to conversations, don’t stand behind her and let her hustle for customers so she can give you your cuts, begin to take charge.

When you have humbled yourself and learnt all these, set out on your own, don’t go to the same places as she does, get your own clientele, hustle your own targets, surpass it, give others and myself the impression that you’re aren’t a leech who just uses others to satisfy a need.