I don’t know why I started thinking about this, I just see so many failed relationships around me and it got me thinking, did any of them ever had a breakup plan? Were they ever prepared for something like this? Did they think it would last forever?

Have y’all noticed that the relationships which last these days are the ones which started almost a decade ago, or 8-7-5 years ago before the massive hype and invent of different social media? It’s like the more the world and technology evolves the harder it is to find true love anyway everyone needs to have a breakup plan.


Photo Credit: Sonicgogirl – DevianArt

I am not trying to discourage anyone from loving or being steadfast in their relationships but the way things are now, y’all need to have a breakup plan, y’all need to realize that happily ever after might not be for everyone, you might date him for just six months and he takes you to the alter, you might date him for 15 years and one day you wake up and he’s gone, PUFF! Married to another lady vice versa.

What should a breakup plan look like, it’s simple

1.     Never be too dependent on a partner

2.     Always have it in mind not all relationships lead to marriage

3.     Before you take him/her to mama, be sure he/she is the one

4.     Don’t live together until you’re married

5.     Getting pregnant won’t make him stay or love you any harder

6.     What are you future plans? Do they involve him or her?

7.     When was the last time you were happy together?

These are perfect breakup plans, you take plans like these into every relationship, you add, subtract, multiply and divide and see if you’re relationship has gotten to the place where you begin to ask yourself these questions.

If you’re too dependent on a partner, your breakup plan will backfire

You have already started making wedding plans even when he/she doesn’t seem ready; your breakup plan is failing already.

How many potential fiancé/fiancée do you want to take home to mama?

Living together is one sure way to finish the sweetness before marriage.

Do you see him/her in your future, if no time to review your breakup plans

When was the last time he/she made you soulfully happy?

These might seem like guides to a happy/not so happy relationship but they are breakup guide, excuses to leave before it gets worse, always have it in mind that while you’re there making future plans, your partner might be dusting out his/her breakup manual.


Isabella Ibeji