Someone sent this to me and asked me to keep his identity secret, how do you even begin to advise someone who’s bent on murder, I haven’t slept well since 4am I saw this message, I need help abeg before I reply him, don’t want to say something that might piss him off or make him snap



As I write this to you I am contemplating murder in my mind. I want to kill her. My relationship with her is that of complete disloyalty to me while I have being faithful most of the three years we’ve being dating


Photo Credit: Udayavani


She is flirting badly. I happen to meet some of the guys she is flirting with and I got to know that we are many she is doing it with all because I don’t have money to give her anymore.

Now she flirts to my face telling me I can’t do anything.

I have tried to leave the relationship but somehow it has being difficult for me to leave her. I will leave and find myself back with her again and she has refused to leave also after several pleas from me for her to break up with me.

I figure out in my mind that if she no longer exists anymore it will be easy for me to move on with my life.

So I am determined to kill her if that is the only option left since she has refused to change her ways.

I have being researching and Googling better ways to execute my plan on her and I am making progress.

Please note that I wrote this to you to see if you advice will help me change my mind but if not I am ready to be called a killer as long as she is the person I murdered.

Please keep my identity secret




When I got your email, it scared me in ways I can’t even imagine, I didn’t reply because I wanted to put myself in your shoes to know exactly how you feel, for you to even consider murdering someone and you’re planning it so perfectly.

What I see here is an obsessive kind of relationship, she can’t leave but keeps cheating/flirting on you, you can’t leave even though you have tried to cheat, do you see an obsessive pattern here? Both of you cling to each other for reasons best known to you and this might be destructive, is this the type of relationship you’re willing to murder someone over for?

When was the last time you were happy in this relationship? You say she cheats because you don’t give her money anymore, is that even supposed to be a reason to hurt someone who cares about you? She even does it to your face and with your friends, common! Is this the girl you want to spend the rest of your life in jail for? She’s not worth it.

You wanted my advice, this is it, although it might seem impossible and might hurt you but it’s very possible if you set your mind to it, LET HER GO! Everyone I spoke to about your case said the same thing, when I got your mail I had to seek advice from some other people and everyone said why would you want to waste your life because of a girl.

Please let her go, would you be able to bear the guilt of murder? What about your parents? What about her parents? Your parents would lose a son and her parents would lose a daughter, do you want that on your conscience? Do what’s best and let her go please, killing her will solve nothing, believe me, she would regret this, she would come to realize a bird at hand is worth more than ten in the bush, let her go, you would meet someone who would appreciate and love you for who you are.