Hi Bella, how are you? I’m guessing well, I need your advice on how to curtail the way my girlfriend shops, it is too much, she buys both things she needs and the one she doesn’t all in the name of staying current on the fashion train.

Photo Credit: Style Vitae

I can’t count the number of shoes she has, clothes are uncountable, phones aren’t left out, sometimes she’s so broke I have to give her money because her salary doesn’t cover most of the things she buys, I am afraid one day she will steal or do something worse just to be termed a “Classy Chic”.

You’re a lady, please tell me a subtle approach I can use to talk to her so it doesn’t cause quarrel, thanks.




First there’s not subtle way to break or tell a person how to break a “Bad Habit” it takes patience and a lot of it to be able to break away from something like that, she’s already addicted that she doesn’t even have savings anymore.
I sense you really love her, but this habit of hers is gradually tearing you away from her, I am also guessing you have talked and talked but she’s turned a deaf ear to all your pleas and now you have come to me for help, so what do we do now?
When next she exhausts her money and comes to ask you for money, tell her a resounding blatant NO! Do not encourage her habit, when she forms annoyance, ignore her, let her go, don’t beg her you need to be strict with her, she obviously hasn’t had anyone in her life tell her God’s honest truth before.
When she buys things she doesn’t need, tell her how selfish she is, that there are people who need what she’s taking for granted, make her feel bad about it, it’s one thing to have this habit and be able to support your addiction, but to not be able to support this addiction might lead her to do things she might regret someday, she should take a look at the lives of drug addicts then she would know what it means to be addicted to something that’s bad.