Yes yes yes yes and yes there is, we need to stop this misconception that there is no love without money, its ruined so many chances out there because of this assumption most especially from the men.

This post is in relation to a recent post I made asking “Why Are You Still Single?” and the reasons I got were “I am broke” my dear brothers, I used to be like you, I used to say if I don’t have money or a nice job I won’t date, I thought I had nothing else to offer than sex, I told myself I can’t be broke and date a broke guy and I missed so many opportunities, I know many men think this way but love doesn’t require money to be functional.


Photo Credit: Trade Markia

Our fathers and forefathers didn’t woo our mothers with money, what is it and this generation with money? Why are we so greedy {Men and Women} why have we become slaves of money instead of love? Money is just one of the criteria that make up a relationships but it is not its main ingredients.

We have men who are looking for rich girls to date, we have women who also looking for rich men to date and this circle goes on and one but the secret is when a woman genuinely loves you, she finds it difficult to ask for things or even take them when you offer, because her love is pure, when you find such women you don’t want to keep them because they don’t fit your standards, the ones who fit your standards are the ones the devil have sent to wreck you.

We need to stop this there’s no love without money, the devil have implanted this into our hearts to deceive us, when you meet the person God has sent into your life, you would realize money isn’t even the main ingredient that spice up a relationship, do not get so carried away chasing things of the world that you don’t recognize happiness when it comes knocking on your doors biko

There’s love without money and I am sure there are many people who can testify to this.