How do you control a man whose temper sparks and lights like a transformer, the neighbors know him as Mr. Trouble, our street people are so scared of him, when he talks everyone keeps quiet because the next thing he does is pull off his shirt, breaks bottle and start chasing that person, he just picks anything he sees and uses it as a weapon.


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He doesn’t beat me, sometimes when I see him act I wonder if it’s the same man whom I make love to every night, he’s so gentle with me, pets me, cooks for me sometimes even helps with laundry, I am beginning to think he’s possessed, because he doesn’t act like himself when his outside.

I have talked to him, preached prayed and fasted and it’s getting worse, do you think it might be some sort of mental illness? He snaps easily when he’s outside, even when I provoke him he’s the one who apologizes, I don’t understand this at all please help.


For someone to react in such manner, it means someone really got to his nerves, I don’t think he just does that anyhow, please try to understand that, or he really has anger issues which he finds very difficult to control, little things people he doesn’t care about do piss him off.

It’s good that you are aware of his other side, sometimes men could act so caring to a fault just to win your heart and the moment you two get married, just try pissing him off and you will be sorry your last name is Mrs. Doe. Now you mentioned that he doesn’t display all that when you annoy him right? Well I advise you never do that which would hurt him, it’s like living with a Lion or a ticking time bomb, just as he is able to protect your from other predators, Same way he will frighten you one day should you push him to the‎ wall. You should continue to do that which makes him happy, unless you know that you are the type that can say rash things to a man, please do not make the mistake of pushing him to the wall if you are such type of person.  ‎you’re the only one who understands him at this point, you know what he likes and doesn’t like, please never forget that, allow him to continue being the Man, and then you won’t have a problem.

And as for his behavior ‎in public, I suggest you relay how hurt you are each time he fights someone, you don’t have to scold or shout or engage in 40days and night prayer and fasting because you want to change his character, no Simply, continue to let him know he breaks your heart each time you get to see him engaging in fights and that you fear for his life should something really funny happens. Remind him that he’ll soon be a father (that’s if you both don’t have kids yet) and that you don’t want to live without him, I believe it will sink into his thoughts and gradually change his odd lifestyle.

And if these things don’t work out, like i said it’s like living with a time bomb, one day he will snap and when no one is there for him to vent his anger on, who do you think he will turn to? You of course, he needs huge amount of therapy, this is something you should talk to him about, a shrink needs to

evaluate his mental health and see if he’s fit to be in society, there are different types of anger, i happen to know about the explosive and implosive type, the implosive type happens to be more dangerous as one can snap anytime without warning, you man might have this type of anger towards you and all you need to do is look at him some type of way and boom he explodes.

He isn’t facing you now doesn’t mean your turn won’t come, are you ready to wait to that day should be the question you should be asking yourself.
Good luck.

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