This is something I’d like to understand, are there no good Nigerian women abroad? Most Nigerian men always want to come home to marry, sometimes virgins, they tell their parents to get them wives.

They say most women abroad are just good for citizenship papers, work permit, where to stay, do they even realize they hurt these women in the process? Using them like that and running back home to get married.


I see our men, asking for Nigerian wives, having fiancée back abroad; they come home to do secret weddings, impregnate their wives here and run back to their abroad lovers, what the hell is wrong with this generation?


Photo Credit: Gistmania

We need to stop this form of fraud, and slavery, people aren’t toys to be used and discarded, and the funny thing is we don’t do it to white women alone, we do it to our own African sisters, we say once they get there they change, they don’t want to come back home, they report to the police when we hit them, they lie to get the house and child support, so we want someone who would listen to us and obey our every word and then they rush back home to marry one innocent girl they want to frustrate.

I am not against genuine men who want to come home to marry MBANU, I love LOVE, but when I see a man who thinks my African sisters are baby making machines, who they want to come home and impregnate every time, who they want to use as a tool to carry on their linage then I get angry, I get angry because they see us as a commodity, I get angry because they see us as a means to an end, I get angry because love isn’t an equator in this arrangement.

I wouldn’t  blame all the men either, our women have become cheap cormorants over the years, searching the air like birds, sniffing a whiff of an abroad returnee who they want to perch on, leech on, suck and bleed dry, our women have seen these NDIOYIBOS as a means to an end, all they want to do is sit down at home, he opens up a business for them, and when he comes back they open their legs like a compass and be dutiful, the womb is ready to be filled for the next nine months.

We have become sardines, cornered into a space, waiting for the biggest to be picked, and then we jeer our peers, tell them oga de for obodo oyibo, sometimes we don’t care what our abroad husbands does for a living, we just want to sit back home, enjoy his money and sometimes fuck the ones we love while he’s away.

There are good women abroad, and this habit I am sorry to say is common among the Igbo people of Nigeria, they go abroad and hustle and want to invest back home, i have no problem with this, but who will now marry that girl you have been deceiving there? Who will heal the heart of that white woman you have been deceiving.

These white women sef, you have used your heads to carry wahala, you agreed for an arrangee wedding and then you go fall in love, how low has your esteem fallen? Why do you want to make our African men worth nothing, you have frustrated them to the extent they see you as a thing to be used and discarded, when and how did you become scums that a black man will ride and plough you until he gets tired, haba na, oyibo pepper ogini, give our men peace so they can value you, not every small thing you will call police for them and everything he has saved all his life will be yours, please I am begging this needs to stop, don’t be the tool that will be used to unscrew the nut holding you heart.

Umu woke anyi, biko, gbaraa these white women, they have suffered, pity our African sisters, they have suffered to, anywhere you see love please settle down, love doesn’t come with a manual, it doesn’t base its foundation on ethnicity, religion, color or country, its pure like water and flows effortlessly like a calm stream, don’t in your search for something better end up with a viper.

Isabella Ibeji