I am a virgin and I don’t know what to do, he tells me he loves me, wants to marry me and other girls are just for show and don’t matter but I don’t know if I can cope with this anymore.


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I am still very young, and he’s met my people that he wants to marry me, my mother insisted I must be untouched until our wedding night, he agreed but said I must come visit him weekends, he’s paid bride price just remaining the big wedding, now my fear is, he says since I aint giving it to him he will receive from outside till our wedding night and after that day he won’t cheat on me anymore but I don’t believe him.

He’s never tried to touch me, saying he’s reserving me I am his special one and he loves me, but he’s a man with feelings and he needs to satisfy them, what do I do?




I can’t believe someone is walking into disaster with her two eyes wide open, you’re on reserved but he sleeps with other women, you’re a virgin, he wants to marry you, you know he’s cheating but you still want to marry him, please I am not understanding, is you umbilical cord tied to this man?

He cheats right to your face with the promise of stopping when he pops your cherry and you believe him, wow, clap for yourself, I am guessing your case is the case of an arranged marriage and you might have no say in it.

Talk to your parents about this, see their reactions, if you’re willing enough you can leave before you tie the knot to someone who would continually disrespect you, and if you’re not willing to leave, well happy married life in advance.