She works mostly night shifts, she says its profitable because that’s when most lodgers come, and most times they tip her very well but the kind of money she brings home makes me suspect her a lot.


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I am suspecting her, she’s very beautiful and I know most men want her, I have told her to look for job elsewhere but she’s not even trying to quit, I am cared one man will come and snatch her away from me and I sincerely don’t trust her.




I am actually appalled that you don’t trust your girlfriend because she works in a hotel, what do you think she does there? Are you telling me that people who work in hotels are promiscuous?  Please allow her do her job

Trust is one of the main ingredients in a relationship and if you start hounding her now because of her job, what will you do when you both get married? So she gets tips from customers? That means she’s really doing her job, aside the tips she brings home, are there other reasons you suspect her?

Learn to trust her and remover envy from your relationship, jobs are scarce and asking her to look for another when you haven’t provided anyone for her yourself should be out of the question, married women work in hotels and their marriages haven’t ended, you’re still dating and you want her to quit her job, that’s not proper.