Hi Bella can you please share my story? I have been hurt so many times, many girls have taken me for a fool I used to spend money on them buy them things take them places but it ended up the same way I always get hurt so I decided to stop.

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I decided to just sleep with them and leave them since I couldn’t fund love not until I met this lady, she’s matured homely but not beautiful I wooed her and she accepted but the problem I have with her is the way she spends on me, she does not allow me buy her anything not even pant, she pays for everything and this is making me loose interest in her, how should I tell her I am no longer interested.



You don’t love her but you wooed her? You were heartbroken because the other ladies just wanted money from you? She’s smart independent homely but not beautiful? She picks up the bills and this annoys you? Please what do you want?

You have someone who’s willing to do what others weren’t and you’re complaining, you have a goldmine sitting on your laps and you still want to go mining around, you really don’t know what you have until you lose it.

If you don’t love her because she cares too much for you please let her go soonest, tell her immediately let someone who will appreciate her find her, this is very easy, next time she wants to pick up the bills tell her you can afford it, don’t even wait for her to bring out money, pay immediately, take her out, spend for her, before she offers do the offering, her types are very rare and you should consider yourself lucky you found a matured woman and not a demanding girl.