Bella please I need your honest advice on this, I am dating this guy and we love ourselves a lot it’s been going for close to five years and we are planning on settling down soon.

I don’t earn a lot and neither does he, I teach in a private primary school hoping on God to bless me with a good job soon. My fiancée on the other hand is a fashion designer who doesn’t earn much daily as work is scarce, he was learning while we started dating but he owns a shop now.


Photo Credit: Bella Naija

He has been discussing marriage plans with me and the possibility of having kids soon but I don’t want my children to suffer ma, how can we get married in this harsh condition? Things are bad I haven’t been paid in months and he’s designing work isn’t bringing in a lot yet please help me please I love him with my life but I am so scared things might never get better how do we even plan a wedding rent an apartment together and start raising kids I have been thinking so much of late and really need advice.




Honey worry about the present and plan for the future, you have been with him all these while and you stayed, he’s not lazy else you would have left him, you see a bright future in him that’s why you stood by and with him all these years.

He sees your worries and knows your pains, he won’t talk about marriage if he doesn’t have future plans, things are bad now doesn’t mean it will remain that way, remember “Humble Beginnings” I admire your courage hard work and sincerity and I am praying things get better soon.

As for the wedding, court weddings aren’t expensive, it’s about love and not flamboyancy, gather a few people and bind your relationship, get a cheap and modest apartment, live within your means and be happy, with happiness and peace of mind comes opportunities you will be amazed.

Talk this through with him and hear what he has to say, congrats in advance I know things will work out well for you.