It wasn’t a problem until now, when he proposed it was just the both of us and our friends waited outside, I didn’t even know because he just kept looking at me and holding the ring and after a while I had to say yes.

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I am a romantic at heart; I have planned and played my wedding day in my head over and over again, we met online and chatted for a long time I didn’t know about his stuttering till we met in person then I was already in love. He works for his dad and he’s a very intelligent man, he’s successful, kind, generous, romantic the only problem is the stuttering.

We have been together for a while, most times even though we’re together we communicate through texts to make conversation easier, ours is a quiet type of relationship and I don’t mind I love him very much.

We have been planning our wedding for months, if I were to forgo the wedding vows what about the whole for better for worse, till death do us part, in sickness and in health, how will he say those things, I don’t want him to feel embarrassed in the presence of people who came for the wedding, is there any way to bypass these things.


Your type of love is rare and I admire it, yes there are ways you can bypass the saying of vows, hire a private priest or pastor and explain the situation to him, he will tell the crowd you have both said your vows in private and before God, all you need to do is put on the ring on each of your fingers and you’re both married.

Love supersedes all and you’re an example of for better for worse, it’s not about the physical it transcends beyond that, many people are going to discourage and mock you pay no attention to them “The heart wants what the heart wants” remember this.

Don’t get him angry in public, don’t make him feel like less of a man, you alone know what ticks him and you have been with him for years, be calm and gentle with him but above all respect him, Happy married life dear and congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.