Hello Bella. Pls I need ur advice am dating a medical doctor he is 32 years while am 22. although he just finished his internship about going for another internship b4 going service we av been dating for upto 4months now. D Problem is he doesn’t av money for My upkeep neither his own upkeep. He is so broke. He told me he has been using his salaries from d internship to settle debt he incurred while in school.

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He can’t provide one square of meal. Since I met him av been providing stuffs for feeding anytime am around. Am just a final year student .Pls I don’t kn if I should continuos dis relationship. Cos I don’t want to spend for a guy who might end up leaving me tomorrow.
Hello dear, if you have been reading my blog you would know I am a strong advocacy of genuine love and sacrifice.
Whatever you do in a relationship you should see as an investment, it can either yield good returns or bad returns, it is a risk we take not knowing the outcome and the minute we start pushing towards a particular outcome we might be disappointed at the end.
Whatever you do for him now shouldn’t be because you’re in a relationship with him, it should be because you see a bright future in him and he’s someone you can depend on as a friend, who would do same for you in your time of need.
I know what incurring debts in school is like, I incurred debts myself and a stranger I didn’t know helped me out, you might be the helping hand God has sent to help out that man, don’t do it expecting returns.
You’re still very young and he’s matured so I don’t think he would want to play any games with you, invest more than money into your relationship and don’t also forget to plan your own future while at it.
I know it’s just four months, but have you asked him his plans for the both of you? Are you sure there’s no one else? Have you carried out a proper investigation into his life? Being 22 and heartbroken is a bad precipitant for future relationships.
Read my blog posts and watch my YouTube videos on money not being a criterion for a healthy relationship, he can’t take care of you now doesn’t mean he won’t be able to later, like you said he’s on a career part and very soon his hard work and efforts will pay off, all you need is a little more patience, trust, respect and understanding and he would be the man for you most women will dream of.
Enjoy your relationship dear and help him whenever you can, but remember whatever you do for him should be erased from your memories, see it as a good gesture and not a leash to hold onto him.