Bella please help me judge this case I have always suspected they both have something even before we started dating but he always deny.

When I come to the compound I will greet everyone and they will answer but not her she does not talk to me but I don’t even mind.

Last week I didn’t tell my man I was coming, I came back from work very late and I could not go home so I decided to go to his place and behold she was sitting leg spread tying just wrapper and watching television when I entered she hiss and said to my man haa I think you told me she’s not coming today na I for no come.


Photo Credit: MadamNoire

My head wanted to explode but I keep my calm drop my bag and take my bath, when we wanted to sleep I begged him to tell me the truth he said there’s nothing between them that there was a time he was really broke and couldn’t even eat that she helped him a lot till he got back on his feet and since then they become close.

Bella I do not believe him and I think they both have something together please how do I confront her to tell me the truth.




I cannot judge your case but I can only give you a piece of advice dear, it is not your duty to confront another woman over your man; you have no particular business with this lady why would you want to embarrass yourself?

You have asked your man and he says there’s nothing, why not go along with that at the moment until he’s given you a reason not to, the lady in question might feel entitled to him but it’s not your place to stamp your presence in her face, your man is supposed to do that but I understand where he’s coming from he doesn’t want to seem rude to someone who once offered help to him.

When you go visiting mind your business, don’t familiarize yourself with the neighbors as they will only whisper doubts into your heart, don’t pay your man surprise visits especially when you don’t trust him this is one way to an instant heartbreak and as for the lady please stop the ass licking, she obviously doesn’t like you so stop trying so hard, don’t greet her, don’t talk to her and when next you see her in his house respect yourself as it isn’t your house, like it or not you’re a visitor until he legally makes you his wife.