A university is a place of learning and so many other things, meet people, make life connections, get pregnant, get carried away, be serious, be unserious and so many others, but mostly it is a place where major decisions which will affect and effect our lives are made, today I will be talking about five things I did while I was still in the university that I totally regret today.

Photo Credit: Talk2Bella
1.     I trekked like the children of Israel in my first semester, I schooled in Republic of Benin, and a hundred cefa was like a hundred naira to me, I didn’t want to waste that amount of money on a short distance, I trekked to school, trekked back home, trekked to and fro under the sun and rain and then I became as black as Esau in the bible, till today no cream I have applied have been able to was off Cotonou sun from my skin.
2.     Doing free jobs for students, I have never hidden the fact that I am a pure ajepako, I have always been street smart and a street kid and it’s made me the hustler I am today, living in Cotonou is very expensive I no go lie abeg, mum wasn’t sending me money, I was doing house agent work upandan and you know students now they don’t want to pay agent fees, they’d say Bella please do it for us na, na we we, when you get the house we will settle you well, na so I go trek under sun o, knock from compound to compound at the end of the day shishi I won’t see, and so the history of how I became a female Esau continued.
3.     Not paying for food or paying less than I ate, mehn I no de carry last, I just eat, stand up and walk away, whenever I feel generous I just write my own receipt and give them, I thought a few of my friends this trick and very soon the whole clique would go there, until we were caught and had to use argument to say we’d pay; well after that day whenever we went there to eat they made us pay first.
4.     I didn’t date, my mates were busy finding the love of their lives and all I thought about was where my next meal was going to come from and how to pay my next school fees, I just wasn’t interested at all, I didn’t want any boy to come and beg me the small egusi I brought from home or eat my yam with me and I honestly saw it as a distraction, I finished secondary school very early and gained admission very late all I thought about was just finish and leave, but now I totally regret this who knows me and my bobo would have been going to camp now, but I’m glad I finally found someone.
5.     I didn’t keep in touch with 98% of my classmates, by nature I am a chronic loner, my only female friend was my roomie and now we’re very close, I had two male friends and one of them is married now with a kid and my female friend stays in the east so you can imagine when people ask me about my friends what I tell them and what their responses are, this is my nature and a habit which I am trying to break, I am a very sociable person, people like me and want to be friends with me but if you push too hard I feel choked and begin to withdraw and now I have just few friends that I am very proud of.
These are the things I totally regret and a few I don’t want to mention like writing for students but hey! We all got flaws and no one is perfect, I am heading for camp now and I will be better and stronger when I come back.

Isabella Ibeji