I am going to start this message with my very own quote “legit hustle is orgasmic”, I see women crying all the time about how one particular man used and dumped them, then they tag all men wicked and start with the singles forever quote, abeg me sef don tire to de hear my fellow women talk this way, hence this message.

Most women are gold diggers; I don’t dispute this claim, who doesn’t want to better their lives? Who doesn’t want to be the envy amongst their friends and neighbors? Who doesn’t want to ride in a nice car or live in a nice house? Who doesn’t want the good things life has to offer that we can’t afford? But have we thought about the prices we have to pay for living the good lives we can’t afford?

Honestly I got no problem with ladies who have taken it as their sole mission in life to “hunt” or rather date only rich men, after all na thru one way baba God take de bless person, the problem I have with these women is how soon they forget their backgrounds, how soon they forget they were once from the gutters, they once lived in face me I slap you houses and all of a sudden they rename themselves “BOSSCHICK” no sister you ain’t never been a boss your entire life, you’re just an A-hole.

Men love women who hustle on a legit level, even if you’re dating a rich man and you hustle level is nothing to write home about believe me he will get bored and look for someone else who can manage his money when he ain’t around, he gives you money all the time and you zoom off to the nearest boutique to get expensive clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelries and all the rubbish you don’t need and voila you won’t let Instagram and Facebook rest, you think you have arrived but your departure date in his life has begun a countdown.

Let me tell you a secret, dating a rich man is like an investment; the possibility of him ending up with you is a 20/100% gamble, love him, respect him, make him see your worth but bear in mind it might never lead to the altar, so what do you do when he gives you money? YOU INVEST!!!!!!! You don’t run off to buy clothes, shoes, jewelries and all those things that make you fake, what happens when he stops giving you? Or when he asks you to account for all he’s given you? Then you bring out all the rags you bought and present to him as an achievement? Even your village witches will spit on you.

Rich or poor everyman wants a woman who can account for money spent, not just spent but well spent, are you that woman? The way you spend a man’s money speaks volume of you, ask for only what you need and not what you want, if you know you can’t spend such money on yourself when you take yourself out why do you want to burden another man? Even if he gives you in excess buy what you need and save the rest, INVEST in your bank account, save for rainy days, things won’t be sunny forever.

Life has made all of us gold diggers, our digging may not be the way someone else digs but our desires are the gold we dig which makes us insatiable and we always crave for more, dig wisely, some men would go as far as testing you, they would give you 100k and say “babe do whatever you want with this money” maybe in a few days’ time they would ask for 10k and then you say “baby I don’t have” he has taken point of that one, some girls won’t even buy anything for the man from that 100k, haba sister you’re wicked.

Like I said, I don’t have a problem with women who don’t want to date genuinely hustling young men, it’s their lives; the only thing I’m going to say to you is “don’t forget where you come from” “carry your senses along” “INVEST” “SAVE” and remember this quote from me



Isabella Ibeji