There’s nothing like a Mr. Right or a perfect man, have you ever wondered why all the type of people you seem to love or feel they will be right for you end up disappointing you? The bad boy personae? The banker personae? The professor personae? The yahoo boy personae? Etc.

Growing up, you have envisioned the type of man you want to spend the rest of your life with, you have set up certain criteria of how your dream man should be, look and act like; when the time comes for you to date you reject every responsible person who comes your way because you have a picture of what your Mr. Right is supposed to be like, SISTER WAKE UP!

Have y’all ladies ever wondered why you envy other people’s relationships? Mostly celebrities or people of influence; some of y’all have daydreams and wet dreams of another person’s partner because you wish him to be yours, because you feel he is your dream man, you feel he is the exact replica of what your Mr. Right should be like, you begin to plot how you even want your present partner to emulate another man because you have been deceived by the media and other women who live fake lives that there’s such a thing as Mr. Right, SISTER WAKE UP!

So many single independent ladies out there who have been in the single market for long are confused! Even before a man asks them out they have concocted in their heads how they will rebrand him and turn him into their dream man or Mr. Right, dear men this is what we call a MR RIGHT NOW! In economic terms {if the preferable isn’t available, the available becomes the preferable} while there’s nothing bad with this most times it doesn’t work because we’re trying to change you into who you’re not just to fit the Mr. Right criterion.

Someone once asked me, what do you look for in a man? It’s not bad to have certain standards or criteria of what a future partner should possess, but it is stupid to meet someone who possesses 50/60 percent of these criteria and you deem him unworthy, no one I repeat one one on earth is a 100% complete, never was,  never will be and that’s the mistake we ladies make because we focus more on other people’s façade of a relationship instead of trying to build ours, SISTER WAKE UP!

Have you ever entered into any relationship without goals? Expectations? Criteria? I know something must attract you at first but after that physical attraction, do you dump all your expectations at the door and say to yourself {let me see how this goes, let me go along with the ride, let me not expect anything and surprise myself, maybe something is wrong with my criteria, let me allow this man love me his own way, let me take the risk of not wanting anything and maybe just maybe in my want for nothing I might be contented} have you? And that my sister is what creates the avenue for a forever after.

Ever heard that joke? If your Mr. Right is going left please bring him to the right, you laugh at this but yet you don’t understand the heavy message this joke carries, someone might possess all the qualifications of what your Mr. Right should be but because of his physical appearance, financial capability or family background you tend to waive them aside, he’s handsome but short, he’s rich but disabled, he’s intelligent but not motivated, he’s shy but cold, he’s eloquent but foul, and so we complain about all creatures on earth, SISTER WAKE UP!

Do not let your peers deceive you, once they get hooked they know there’s nothing like a Mr. Right, they came to that conclusion before they got hooked and tried to live with it, it’s because they made peace with it that’s why you now envy them and want to emulate them, once you get a man who possesses a wee bit of those qualities you want in a man, make do with it as time goes on you would love him for the other part of those qualifications he’s not, no one can be right or perfect for another, it’s in our imperfections that’s where the true test of love lies.
Isabella Ibeji