I wrote one time about how I thought God had left Africa, I should have just said the world and not Africa alone, then I wrote again what had religion done for the human race, these two articles generated a lot of backlash but the one which generated a lot of insults and loosing friends was when I wrote about prophet Muhammad and how he wasn’t the first Muslim, I got threatened, deleted, called a liar and all the horrible things people could think of, not minding the fact that my arguments were based on facts they knew to be true.

Religion is a mass murderer, a rapist, a pedophile, a war mongerer, an incurable disease, a usurper, a slave master, a pretender, a bigot, a coverer of sins and iniquities; if my opinion mattered that would be my definition of religion.

Why do I call religion a rapist? Have you seen the spate of rape which these so called men of the cloak/god perpetrate? They molest young boys and girls, assault them, humiliate and brutalize them sometimes in the name of casting out demons from them, label them witches and wizard and then make them outcasts in their societies.

Why do I call religion a murderer? This in itself is self-explanatory, religion these days is an offshoot of political organizations in the world, they launder money for the world government, they buy weapons for them, they hide mass murderers for a fee, and do you remember how the churches during WW2 shielded war criminals? Gave them safe passage for a fee.

Religion brings out the murderer in people, you might choose to call it self-defense, you might choose to call it jihad, but any religion which asks you to take up arms against your fellow humans in the name of cleansing the land or winning souls for heaven or hell, doesn’t your conscience tells you otherwise? Yes it does but you turn it off because it’s a religious cause.

Why do I call religion a pretender? They say they preach love, kindness, be your brothers keepers, yet they wouldn’t hesitate to stone a gay man or woman to death, they wouldn’t waste time in executing jungle justice, tribalism soars very high amongst religious folks, in religion you find different sect who claim to worship one god but if the other sect don’t worship their god in the same manner their god is fake.

You think you have seen war? You think our generation has witnessed religious unrest? Please sit down and thank the good lord you weren’t born in the century when people were crazed about religion, the most feared disease in the history of mankind “The Black Plague” didn’t kill as much as religion has killed and is still killing.

I thank God I wasn’t born in the era of the crusades where people were burnt on the stakes and labeled witches because they didn’t worship the Christian god you were labeled a witch and burnt at the stake, I know y’all must think religion has evolved past that, but look deep and you would see we are relieving what religion once was, a destroyer of human lives.

Religion is nothing but politics and vice versa, we have had different kind of religious war and still having it, the European religious war, the French religious war, religious war in Nigeria, religious war in Central African Republic, the holy crusades of 1095 when armies of the Christians from western Europe responded to pope urban 11’s plea to go to war against Muslim forces in the holy land.

The problem with religion is we think ours is better than the others, I envy people who have been opportune to practice one or two different religions and know that of the truth all religions are the same, we all pray to one God, we all have same goals, but our ego and superiority has brainwashed us and most of us have lost sight of those goals.

No institution has killed more in the name of religion, now you might wonder why I am focusing on the two most prominent religions on earth; the power tussle between both of them has made other religion seem non-existent, ever wondered why God gave his creations freewill? The hatred that comes with religion starts from our educational foundations, schools only teach CRS or IRK, why don’t we allow our kids choose? There are other religions much more peaceful than Islam and Christianity, there’s Buddhism, Taoism, Rastafarian Movement, Hinduism, Sikhism.

Now I’m not saying these religions I have mentioned don’t have their own faults but we all need to admit when we hear religious crisis in the news our minds don’t go to any of these sects, they have a single following, no branches, no sects, no permanent leaders, most of these not so popular religion teach about love, health, forgiveness, oneness, world peace, climate preservation, but it’s still a religion and it’s a disease which has no cure, most of their bad outweigh their good, then we have the caste system amongst these religions, mehn the whole thing just tire me, cant religion just be about love?

Sadly religion has come to say, it is a cancer which is attached to our genetic code, we can’t do without it, I envy those who have broken from these shackles and seen religion for what it truly is “A DISEASE” which sadly has no cure but I am banking on our generation because we are free thinkers, our generation starter the questioning of religions and those who imposed themselves as leaders, our generation started the fishing out of fake pastors and imams, our generation started the investigation in to the fictitious wealth of these men of the cloak, so I have faith in my generation, we will find a cure to this disease and one day maybe we will be free of this disease which has killed much more than an actual disease.
Isabella Ibeji