Hey Bella please help me publish this and also advise me on the next step to take thanks.

When I met him he told me he had many things which I later found out to be lies, he was squatting but he told me his friend was the one squatting, so whenever I went to his house I would be expecting his friend to excuse us but he won’t until one day I got angry and told him he should excuse us after all that wasn’t his house, he got angry and chased me and my fiancé out that was when I knew my man was the squatter.
We raised money and got an apartment together, my job pays better than his and I was recently blessed with a car, but he’s gone around to tell everyone the car is his, he told everyone he pays for our house, feeds and clothes me while I just sit back and enjoy his wealth, this attitude makes people asks him for favors and then I end up giving him money to satisfy them.

There are so many things he brags about that he doesn’t own, lands, shares, money, and a sister abroad, I am tired, whenever I catch him lying he would say people loves lies; I don’t love him anymore I want to secretly get an apartment and dump him, I don’t see myself having kids with him, my children will learn nothing good from him, am I making the right decision?

Would you have fallen in love with him if it weren’t for the lies he told you? He’s a braggart and you encouraged him by not debunking claims he makes while in public, you’re a participant of his bad habits and should not feel bad now things are worse.

Love comes with its price and you’ve paid yours, leaving him secretly is not the answer, no man is born evil, circumstances might have made him who he is, have a one on one intense talk with him and let him know how you really feel, no one is prone to change, tell him the lies and brags have to stop; you already know him in Toto there’s no need for him to present himself to be someone or something he’s not, this will only work if you still loved him which you said in your email you don’t.

Even if you’re going to leave still have that talk with him, it will make things better between both of you.