Real quick question? I have everything, we are both from well to do homes but she’s never satisfied. She steals my money hijacks my ATM cards and withdraw from my bank without my consent because of her I have just one ATM now I don’t trust her anymore.

We were arranged by our families I never dated anyone before her and I am kinda in love with her now, I am afraid one day she would take this habit outside and disgrace our family names, I have told my mum she says not to worry she’s still a kid, she’s frigging 24 how’s she a kid? I am scared of talking to her, she’s hot tempered and flares at any given provocation but I love her.

I heard from her brother she steals from her people also, should I just let her be? Maybe leave meager sums at her so she can be contented to just steal those and not go outside.


She has her own money.

So it’s cool when she steals from you and her folks as long as she doesn’t take it outside? What makes you think she hasn’t already? Check her history very well you would hear stories of something that might intrigue you.

You love her but you’re scared of her, that’s not love. Your parents arranged her for you and she’s the first girl you have dated, this speaks a lot on your tolerance, she steals from you and also threatens you but yet you love her and have even made plans to sate the beasts by providing meager sums at home so she doesn’t steal from others, clap for yourself.

Love isn’t blind stupid or ignorant, love is an actionable cause that puts our emotions in check, you cannot be scared of who you love, respect is different from fear, your girlfriend needs a therapist, she’s a kleptomaniac and indulging her will only worsen her case, man up and talk to her, when she flares be calm and still buttress your point and if she feels the sword is mightier than the hand remind her that without the hand the sword is useless and the same hand can be used to destroy the sword, or one day you might wake up and discover your whole life has been hijacked.