I am hurting so much as I type this, my story is long but I will try and make it short.

She was posted to the north, I spent a lot of money to have her relocated back to Lagos but it didn’t work instead she got Oyo state where we didn’t know anyone, getting an accommodation was hard because she refused to get a cheap one and I didn’t have the money for an expensive one so she decided to squat with this dude who she claims is just a friend until I can raise moneu to get her an apartment, Bella that’s where my trouble began.

Anytime I call her at night she doesn’t pick, whenever she picks she says she can’t talk she’s tired; when I chat her on whatsApp she says its late and wants to sleep but she would remain online for hours, when I call her on whatsApp it would say user on another call, my heart is aching.

I asked her why she’s always online she says she isn’t that the guy was using her phone to call and chat on whatsApp, when I tell her on phone I love her she won’t say it back, claiming she can be talking about love when she’s staying with someone so the guy won’t be offended, they sleep together in the same room but she claims she sleeps on the bed.

She’s always uploading pictures of her going out with the guy in his car having fun, when I ask her she says it’s nothing that the guy likes to go out when he comes back from work and doesn’t like to leave her at home, she says if I don’t trust her I can come visit her that the dude knows about us and he’s really friendly, I only spoke to the guy once and thanked him for harboring my woman.

Two weeks ago I got angry and have refused to call her and she hasn’t called me back since then, I don’t feel good, I love her how do I get my girlfriend back?




Relocating to a new place can sometimes be strenuous and have a toll on relationships doesn’t necessarily means your girlfriend is cheating; I am saying this from experience.

I was currently in this position and it put a strain on my work and my relationship also, my routine was changed, I was in a strange land where I knew no one, I barely spoke to my family because I was trying to settle in.

You need wisdom to tackle this, getting angry will not solve this, ending communications with her will only worsen things, she says you can come visit have you tried that? She might really not feel comfortable talking to you while the guy is there; you should try and find out why.

Like I say in all my write-ups love isn’t about money, money is just a criterion that spices up love, love is about sacrifice and compromise, you need to sit down with her and have a long talk, she needs to get a cheap apartment, it’s just for ten months and NYSC is over and if she refuses maybe it’s time to take a walk, don’t give up so soon, people get carried away sometimes, you need to fight for what’s yours and from your email I can tell you really love this girl, why not give her another chance, call her, try to know how she’s coping, tell her you would like to visit her and know the next step forward and get back to me on her response.