This is Nigeria, most people think we are backward, sometimes senile and developing; we are looked upon by other African countries for guidance and peace talks while we look up to other countries for weapons and loans in billions.

We are a hypocritical and very religious nation, we endorse polygamy but frown on adultery, what breeds polygamy? We legalize cigarettes and make Marijuana illegal, haven’t you heard how medicinal marijuana is? We patronize pharmacies and forget our Agbo sellers whose prescription sometimes is more effective than those tablets, we kill the common man who steals 100 naira but hails a politician who was jailed in London for stealing billions, this is my Nigeria and I love her, even with all her flaws.

I see many things wrong with this country but I am also one of those trying to make many things right with her, are you one of those? If you are then this post should garner you sincere opinion.

Abortion is the cessation of pregnancy or fetal development from its early stage; everyone has a legal right to this. When I was a kid I witnessed someone almost bleed to death, she had gone to a chemist to terminate a pregnancy, she wasn’t bold enough to go to a good hospital because it wasn’t and still isn’t legal for an adult to walk into any hospital and demand an abortion with a straight face, getting pregnant outside wedlock is a big shame on its own, heck having sex and letting people know is a mighty shame yet we all indulge, the rule is even if you’re going to get pregnant let it be a joint agreement between you and you’re partner, a pregnancy between unmarried couples cannot be unwanted if both of them want it.

There are so many cases which might lead to an abortion, please note I am against the abuse of abortion, but for cases like rape or health related issues I am all for it, people shouldn’t be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy, sometimes doctors’ advice an evacuation of fetus in the womb, this is still an abortion but by doctor’s prescription.

I have read a lot of cases where young girls die due to drugs taken to induce labor in order to abort pregnancies, I have heard and read stories of quack doctors and chemists who these girls patronize because it is still illegal to have an abortion in a government hospital, we have all read stories of women who carry pregnancies to full term and then smolder those babies and dump their lifeless bodies in a sewage, if only she had aborted it at an early stage you would say right?

Someone wanted me to write about this, she said “Isabella, the abortion rate in this country is getting too much” I have told a lot of people that sex is the cheapest commodity in Nigeria if not the whole world, with all the awareness on safe sex and use of preventives most people still like it raw or mistakes are bound to happen, we all know you can’t kill a HYDRA by cutting off one of its heads, two more will grow back.

We see people who commit abortions as murderers, we judge them without giving them a chance, mistakes are bound to happen, we shouldn’t pay with our lives, married couples have been advised to abort an unwanted child either due to health reasons or finance, young women who were raped by criminals get an abortion for fear of giving birth to a criminal or hating that child when it is born, in such cases would you advise them to keep such a child?

These days technology has made things easier, sometimes we know the health status of a child before it is even born, when a child has a rare medical disorder doctors ask such couples to terminate such pregnancies, do you still judge them?

I know most people will say there’s nothing like an unwanted child and all kids are gifts from the lord, well the same things were said about serial killers, rapists, pedophile, child traffickers, murderers, armed robbers, ritualists and so on, but that’s not what I am here to argue, should abortion be legalized for those who truly need it? Let’s forget morality here for a second and think about what is right, so many people have died because they were trying to do it the wrong way, sometimes a condom might burst, a preventive pill might not work, and a sister might not be ready to be a mama, do you advice she gives birth and smolders the child? Do you suggest she gives birth and abandons the child? Do you suggest she aborts it the right way? What do you suggest if she was gang raped?

Like I said, we are a very religious and hypocritical nation, yet we are the greatest and trend setters in Africa, we aren’t called the “Giant Of Africa” for no reason, when we begin something in “UNISON” the whole African nation follows suit, Abortion should be made legal for those who really need it and proper facilities provided for this cause, I have seen enough deaths to know that sometimes I am not in a position to judge rather I can lend a voice to make things happen or stop things from happening.

Isabella Ibeji