HIV over the years have become a very big deal, in Nigeria it’s been proven that statistically over 3 million people have this deadly virus and over several millions of people are unaware of their HIV status.

This deadly virus as many ignorant people believe is not only transmitted through unprotected sex, but it’s undeniable that unprotected sex is one of the many reasons millions of people are infected with HIV today.

I have read so many stories about people who were scared to go for HIV tests, they come online to seek for people’s opinions and ask them what they think the symptoms for HIV are, going for HIV tests is not so bad and having HIV today is not so bad like it was in the 70’s and 80’s we have antiretroviral drugs to help fight against this deadly disease.


Some months back I began to fall sick regularly, my sex life was next to nothing and I began to wonder if indeed I had contracted the virus somehow, I would go for malaria and typhoid tests but never an HIV test because I was scared, I went online severally checking out symptoms but never would I go for the HIV test itself not until one day when it just happened unexpectedly.

I was never scared of the virus, I had read a lot on it and assured myself that having it wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to me, finding out late was the worst and when people got to know and the stigmatization that would follow would kill me faster than the virus itself but I still wasn’t ready to go for the test not until NYSC gave me an opportunity for a free test.

It just happened my local government and another local government were having a football match and when I walked into the stadium the first set of people I saw were those carrying out free HIV tests and giving out both male and female condoms, I didn’t even think about it twice, I just sat there waited my turn and did the test, I was a bit scared I wouldn’t lie but it was worth it and at the end of the day when I found out I was HIV negative it saved me a ton of worries and I decided I was going to start living healthier, I got my own needles for hair salon, and since a relationship is almost non-existent in my life when I do start being intimate with someone again I’d make sure I wear an armor of protection.

Remember abstinence is one of the best way to protect yourself

Isabella Ibeji.