Every afternoon, no less than 10,000 girls in Nigeria experience Sexual Violence. 84% of girls in Nigeria who experience Childhood Sexual Abuse do not know where to seek help. Every afternoon, no less than 5,000 boys in Nigeria experience Sexual Violence. 61% of boys in Nigeria who experience Childhood Sexual Abuse do not know where to seek help. States a report that paints a dire picture of the situation by Cece Yara foundation. Such report is an indictment on us as a people.


StopS-CAN organization is planning a series of awareness programmes on child sexual abuse, first of which will involve a walk on 22nd April 2017, tagged “It Takes a Village…”. The take off point is Freedom Park on Broad Street, Lagos Island. A conference on the subject is planned for slated to be held on April 28.  Use link below to sign up for the walk and share with others.

“It is important for us as a collective and as individuals to see to the protection of our children not only because they are our children but also because violating them in body and mind portends danger for their future and that of Nigeria,” Nkemakonam Linda Ijeh, Director StopS-CAN.

Our vision at StopS-CAN is to create a world where no child suffers the damaging effects of child sexual abuse.

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